Rock Star Business of the Month

Each month we like to showcase a business we feel has the skills and the drive to really become the leading experts in their field across the nation.

This month is no exception as we searched hundreds of small businesses and found Little Rock Plumbers,

Little Rock Plumbers not only receives 5-star ratings on every single review but they still guarantee their service 100%.

Wow! Let’s talk about their marketing for a minute. Little Rock Plumbers services the entire Greater Little Rock, Arkansas area. They have been in business for years and have a well-established marketing plan.

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3 of the Best Ways to Market Your Business


Owning a business is exciting and thrilling but when the phone isn’t ringing and the door isn’t opening, times can get tough. If you missed our blog on “How to start a business”, click HERE.

But, just because it is tough, you are tougher!

You know all you have to do is get out there and market yourself! Great! Now, what? We’ve compiled a short list of the best marketing solutions for your business right here, just for you.

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How to Start Your Own business

Have the drive and desire to become your own boss? Have you always had that entrepreneurial mindset but just don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. A lot of businesses have started off raw, unfiltered, without regard for the ‘what ifs’. If this isn’t your style we have a few tips and how to’s just for you.

First, like any good business, you need a product or service. Have one in mind? Great. No? That’s fine. There are plenty of resources to help you find the right direction for you’re to take.

Local commerce usually has lists of products or services already being offered in your area. Make sure you check these out in order to find the least competitive market to jump in. Franchises are also a great idea for folks who want to become entrepreneurs but don’t possess the ‘creative gene’.

Ensure you read the fine print on those. Most require you to have a substantial amount of liquidity to become one of their franchisees.

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One of Alaska’s Top Growing Businesses

Hope you enjoyed our last post and found the 5 tips bring your business success 100% money!!  We did!

Today, we have a special treat and highlighting a rising star company who has taken our 5 tips to the next level!

Anchorage, Alaska, home of the Last Frontier has quickly increased its population size in the last 40 years from a mere 120,000 residents to now over 300,000. Just outside the alaska-electric-company
municipality adds another 60,000 folks. This has really helped increase the number of small businesses and large alike. This means competition. In order to stay competitive in any market, small businesses especially, need to up their marketing game. We aren’t talking YELP and yellow pages.

We are talking about massive internet marketing. One of these companies really stands out, Anchorage Electric,, has really changed the marketing game in Alaska.

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5 Tips to bring your Business Big Success

Are you a business owner looking for ways to become more successful? Searching Google you can literally find thousands of articles written on business success and what it takes to build a great business. With so much information out there how can we really decipher what it all means?

We have taken the top 5 latest and greatest tips for creating a successful business and put it here for you (if you missed what we are all about, read our last post). Each tip was chosen for the massive impact that it makes on today’s top businesses.

We have taken the top 5 latest and greatest tips for creating a successful business and put it here for you. Each tip was chosen for the massive impact that it makes on today’s top businesses.


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Casting A Net: Business 101

Alright folks, here we go. As stated before – we are Casting for Big Fish and we are here to tell you some insights on growing your business.


Business has evolved over the years with the ramp up of the internet. Like never before, the instant access and the world’s wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips 24 hours and 7 days a week.

In theory, the concept of having instant access to everything is great! However, it has resulted in challenges for both the consumer and the business owners. At Casting for Big Fish we are no spring chickens and have been around for a while (the word “old” is a relative term, I think). Sealing a deal with a handshake and a grin is no longer a wise move.

Too many people are out to be dishonest and crooks. It is an unfortunate event and neither the consumer nor the business owners are safe. With the growth of the internet comes great opportunity for success. For those who value integrity and honest workmanship, success is a good thing for all involved.

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